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Note 3 to Nokia Lumia Icon

Well, it’s almost been a year with my Note 3.  I still like the Note 3 but I keep having issues with the Android OS. It will work fine for a few months and then slowly start having issues. The battery life would barely get me through the day with light to medium usage. I finally ended up rooting my Note 3 and putting on the AllianceRom which made a world of difference on battery life.  I still had some minor issues with the phone not turning the screen back on after a phone call was ending. There was a significant delay or I would have to press the button to turn it back on manually.  I’ve been dealing with stuff like this on all my android devices and was ready to move back to the iphone 6 on it’s release.  That’s when the windows phone caught my eye.

I recently got a Surface Pro 3 and have been a big fan of Windows 8 since it’s release, after taking the time to get used to the interface.  So I started looking at the Windows Phone OS and really liked what I was seeing after my initial investigation.  I’ve only had it for a few days now and have yet to take any pictures with it, which is the main reason I chose the Nokia Lumia Icon over the HTC One M8 for Windows phone. 

Disable Chrome’s Password Manager

There have been some security concerns recently with the password manager in Google’s Chrome. I recently switched back to Chrome and could not find a way to disable the password manager. It used to be under the settings page but is no longer there.  I found the following information on how to disable it.

In Google Chrome, just type the following in to the “omnibox” area without the quotes.


You will be presented with the password manager options and you can uncheck the box and disable it.


Netwrix Password Manager

We had a successful deployment of the Netwrix Password Manager. We were having a lot of problems with users forgetting their passwords on a regular basis and locking their accounts. We deal with public service departments such as Police, and Fire, which operate 24/7 so we would get a lot of calls after hours. This started taxing our overtime budget, so I found a solution by Netwrix.

Netwrix’s Password Manager program provides a question and answer procedure so the end-user can reset or unlock their own account after they have been enrolled in the system. They can select their own questions and fill in the answers, which is all customizable in the background by the administrator.  A Logon Prompt client extension can be deployed to the workstations which will allow the users to access the Password Manger from the logon screen. We tested this with Windows XP, and Windows 7 and deployed the MSI package via Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager.

We did have some issues initially on the server backend but with the help of the Netwrix support staff, we were able to resolve it quickly. Other than that we are very pleased with the product and would recommend it to others, and I am not affiliated in any way with Netwrix. Just a happy systems admin, that will hopefully get some more sleep on the weekends.

Netwrix Password Manager


I was reading the sysadmin section of and found some good information about the Cryptolocker virus.  Thanks to the original posters for this article. There is a lot of valuable information here for any network or system administrator.

The Cryptolocker virus is the latest in personal data encryption viruses. They are also known as ransomware. The virus will encrypt data on your personal computer. If you are part of a network at work it can even jump across any network shares and start encrypting file server data. You will see a window pop up with a timer countdown and a demand for $100 or $300 to be paid via a Moneypak or Bitcoin. If you do not pay within the time frame displayed then the key to unencrypt your data will be deleted and the data will be irretrievable.  This is a nasty one, so make sure you are up to date on your antivirus program definitions.

Original Article Article

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

I am anxiously awaiting my Note 3 preorder from Verizon. Ship date says “by 10/10” on the website so I’ll have to wait a little longer. I’m not one for patience. I’ve been reading the reviews from various websites and in general it seems to be the new flagship phone from Samsung. I also ordered the Galaxy Gear watch to compliment the Note 3. I’m a sucker for 1st gen products but I like to call myself a “collector”.  I know it has some shortcomings that will be addressed in the future revisions but again, no patience.

Being in the technology field, I have a lot of people coming to be for advice on what products best suit them and I like to have a wide variety of responses for them. I was a diehard Apple fan and still have my 1st gen iPhone and iPad, as well as the iPhone 4 which was the first real redesign.  I got burned out on Apple after I had to support almost 50 iPad’s where I work, so I moved on to Google’s Android and bought a Samsung Galaxy S3. The bigger screen size quickly grew on me and now I think the Note 3 will be a perfect fit for me. I can’t see myself going back to the iPhone’s screen size.

I’ll get a review up as soon as I can once I get it. Stay tuned.