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Note 3 to Nokia Lumia Icon

September 3, 2014

Well, it’s almost been a year with my Note 3.  I still like the Note 3 but I keep having issues with the Android OS. It will work fine for a few months and then slowly start having issues. The battery life would barely get me through the day with light to medium usage. I finally ended up rooting my Note 3 and putting on the AllianceRom which made a world of difference on battery life.  I still had some minor issues with the phone not turning the screen back on after a phone call was ending. There was a significant delay or I would have to press the button to turn it back on manually.  I’ve been dealing with stuff like this on all my android devices and was ready to move back to the iphone 6 on it’s release.  That’s when the windows phone caught my eye.

I recently got a Surface Pro 3 and have been a big fan of Windows 8 since it’s release, after taking the time to get used to the interface.  So I started looking at the Windows Phone OS and really liked what I was seeing after my initial investigation.  I’ve only had it for a few days now and have yet to take any pictures with it, which is the main reason I chose the Nokia Lumia Icon over the HTC One M8 for Windows phone. 


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